Greetings to All RelaVista Viewers and Absorbers!

RelaVistites... I like to call all us... as ‘RelaVista’ has many meanings and foot-holdings as we climb the rungs of this life. 

‘RelaVista’ is a combination of ‘Rela’ - which can mean relative, Relatives, relations of many kinds, and relationships. ‘Vista’ is just that - a View-Vista of overarching see - like bird’s eye view, able to focus like a hawk on details, and simultaneously see the ‘countryside’ of the big picture. 

I even use ‘RelaVista’ as an action-verb... To Rela-Vista... to conjure up putting into motion the phenomenon of ‘Relative Big Picture Seeing’. And that’s what RelaVista is all about - A big picture viewpoint and play out of relatively large, audacious better-best bites outta life. 

I have attempted to intro the concept of a community called RelaVista, through this website, and hope I have been successful in all gaining understanding of its core features. If it all just sails right over (or under) your head, I’ve got ya covered, as well.

I’ve recently written a book that will eventually explain things in more detail, or just makes things more clear. It’s a fun little rollicking frolic of a tale - it’s actually one long epic poem, in allegory form. It’s a story with one set of circumstances that loosely and figuratively depict another set of situations... i.e. depict: RelaVista. It’s a tall tale that’s really all about RelaVista. 

Stories are great - we love our stories - our lives are really just one big narrative story unfolding in real-time - like a movie. That’s actually one of the big themes of the book - our personal and interpersonal ‘Movies’, and how, when given the chance, under the right circumstances, we can all actually re-make our ‘movies’ into beyond all expectations - blockbusters!... and those ‘right circumstances’ shall be found at RelaVista. 

Never in the history of the world has there been such a place as RelaVista! The time is ripe to meld our deepest innermost passions, desires and aspires with modern living and modern technology - to materialize a ‘space for all our faces’ where we can unlock the vast overcapacity potential of our body-minds, and do it all together, without ‘steppin’ on each others’ toes’! We can all literally be super-humans together, all remaking blockbusters that will change the course of history. 

We will essentially be creating a brand new culture of a people, from the ground up, within the confines of our safe, secure, community perimeters of passionate adventure and fun. 

What more could you ask outta life than to create a futuristic new local ‘world-class culture’...

That rides the zeitgeist of the sensual and intellectual best-practice of peak experiencing the immediate moments! 

Sounds to me like a recipe for an ultra-life adventure of fun and purpose that breaks-the-mold-that’s-been-holding-us-all-back... from a social date with greatness! 

I’m All In!... How ‘bout You!... RelaVista only works when we play out this blockbuster... All Together! 

Let’s start the engines of our wildest aspirations - and rock-‘n’-roll the rolling countryside ‘til it’s whipped up into a frenzy of networked highways and byways that all lead - to RelaVista!